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South Lake Hospital's Labor & Delivery Department offers quaity care for you and your baby close to home. Our experienced staff will support you and your family throughout your pregnancy and after your bundle of joy arrives.

Triage - Urgent & Emergent Care

The South Lake Hospital's Obstetrics Emergency Department and Triage provides quality 24-hour-a-day care for obstetrical and gynecological patients.  At South Lake Hospital, we offer the finest medical care available to you and your baby.  Our OB-ED is staffed by board-certified obstetric/gynecology physicians and nurses with experience in urgent and emergent prenatal issues. 

During your visit, you will be evaluated by the medical team and treated appropriately.  If it is determined that you are in labor or have a medical condition needing further evaluation, you will be admitted to Labor and Delivery or to one of our other Women's Services units.  The physician in the OB-ED will be in contact with your own OB/GYN physician to keep them up-to-date on your condition and alert them if you are ready for delivery.