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Uterine sarcoma occurs when cancerous cells form in the muscles of the uterus or other tissues that support the uterus. Abnormal bleeding, especially after menopause, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, and frequent urination may be signs of uterine sarcoma. Even after it has been treated, it may return in the uterus, pelvis or other parts of the body.


Surgery is the main treatment for uterine sarcoma. Our goal will be to remove all of your cancer. Our gynecologic oncology team will conduct a pelvic exam, examine your cells, and review the results of ultrasound, MRI, and other scans to determine the disease’s spread in your body and develop a treatment plan. Our surgeons may recommend removing affected organs and surrounding tissue, as necessary. Your surgery may be followed by chemotherapy, radiation, hormone and other therapies.