• General Gynecology

    At Healthy Women of Florida, we’re diligent about annual examinations that screen for various cancers and other illnesses, because we know the importance of early detection and treatment. We follow guidelines established by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and keep current on new tests, procedures and recommendations. We also diagnose and treat a whole host of acute issues that may be causing pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding or urinary incontinence. We provide patients with a wide range of birth control options including hormonal and non-hormonal options, as well as short-term and permanent solutions. Because our practice was founded on a holistic approach to women’s healthcare, we also take the time to understand other factors that may be impacting a patient’s health. Through fitness, nutrition and stress management recommendations, we help our patients live healthier, more active lives.

  • Infertility Counseling

    Sometimes, a couple has difficulty becoming pregnant. There are a variety of factors that may play a role, including physical, social, emotional and environmental causes. We work closely with patients and their spouses to determine what may be impacting the process and help identify solutions, many of which can be managed within our practice. If fertility treatments are necessary, we provide referrals to several respected specialists.

  • Obstetrics

    We help women manage their health before, during and after pregnancy. Prior to becoming pregnant, we provide patients an overall health assessment to identify any potential problems that might impact pregnancy. The assessment includes genetic screenings, vaccination updates and nutrition and fitness evaluations, and we typically encourage patients to begin prenatal vitamins at that time. During the pregnancy, we help moms know what to expect in each trimester and how to best take care of themselves and their unborn child. We track baby’s progress throughout pregnancy and oversee any tests that may be needed.

  • Surgical Solutions

    Our practice specializes in laparoscopy and robotic surgery at South Lake Hospital, to treat a variety of gynecological issues, from fibroids to ovarian surgery to complete hysterectomies. Because they involve small incisions, these procedures typically result in quicker recovery times and much less pain for our patients.