Hospitalist Service

Our Hospitalist Service assists with coordinating, communicating and improving your care while in the hospital.

What is a Hospitalist?

The Hospitalist is an acute-care physician who focuses on a patient’s hospital care from time of admission until their discharge. They specialize in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. They do not have an outside practice and are on site seven days a week to provide you with ongoing and immediate care. Hospitalists work as partners with your physician to provide you with the highest standard of care during your hospital stay. Hospitalist patients benefit from coordinated, timely and efficient service.

How does the Hospitalist program work? How does the Hospitalist know about me?

The Hospitalist program supports your primary care physician by allowing him or her to focus on seeing patients in their office. Hospitalists are immediately available and are in contact with your primary care physicians at admission, during your hospitalization, and upon discharge.

When the decision is made to admit you to Orlando Health South Lake Hospital, your primary care physician may request a hospitalist care for you. Your doctor will contact one of the Hospitalists, who will then admit you to the hospital and begin your care. You may be seen by more than one physician during your hospitalization, however, your care will continue to be well coordinated and seamless.

Your Hospitalist will provide a detailed report on your hospitalization to your physician after your discharge. Your physician will then resume responsibility for your care.

Why is a Hospitalist program beneficial to me?

There are many benefits of receiving care from our team of Hospitalists. Having a Hospitalist on staff is like having your family doctor just down the hall from your room at Orlando Health South Lake Hospital. They are on site and available for consultation when you need them. A Hospitalist can see you more than once a day if needed and can quickly follow up on tests and adjust your treatment regimen as needed throughout the day. With a physician in the hospital, it is easier for you and your family to ask questions and communicate about your treatment.

How do I reach the Hospitalists?

The best way to contact your Hospitalist is to ask your nurse and he or she will contact our Hospitalist team. Please ask your physician if you have other questions about our Hospitalist services.

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