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  • icon-article-18-redEstablishing Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Classes

    Moms and dads are encouraged to learn the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care. This class provides information on how to put your baby to breast and recognize feeding cues as well as the basics of burping, diapering, cord care and more in caring for your newborn infant.

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  • icon-article-18-redChildbirth Education – Virtual Session

    This one-day class in prepared childbirth will prepare you for labor, delivery and postpartum. You will learn all about the process of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain medications, cesarean birth, and how to care for yourself after your baby arrives.

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  • icon-article-18-redOrlando Health will leverage Epic to enhance patient care and experience

    Orlando, FL (December 14, 2018) – Orlando Health will streamline health data and care delivery for patients and clinicians through the adoption of Epic, the most widely-used and comprehensive health records (CHR) system.

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  • icon-article-18-red100 Years of Caring

    When Orange General Hospital opened its doors on November 5, 1918, Orlando and the nation were in the midst of historical events with great significance: World War I would end in just six days, a worldwide Spanish influenza epidemic already had killed more than a half million Americans and national elections had brought sweeping congressional changes.

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  • icon-article-18-redA Notice to Our Obstetrics Patients

    Orlando Health South Lake Hospital is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of our patients’ information. Regrettably, this notice concerns an incident that may have involved some of that information.

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  • icon-article-18-redSafely Providing the Care You Need

    With Central Florida’s only Level One Trauma Center and safety net hospital, Orlando Health has the experts and the experience to deal with any situation. That has continued despite the threat posed by COVID-19. Our clinical workforces are well-prepared and highly skilled at caring for both routine and extreme cases of any type, including COVID-19. They can do this without compromising the safety of other patients, physicians, team members or visitors.

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  • icon-article-18-redOrlando Health Network saves nearly $90 million in healthcare costs

    Orlando, FL January 18, 2019 – With more than 200,000 managed lives, representing more than $1.1 billion in annual healthcare expenditures, the Orlando Health Network – the largest clinically integrated network in the region – has saved $89.9 million in healthcare costs in just five years according to the Network’s 2018 Value Report, which was released today.

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  • icon-article-18-redBad posture often to blame for chronic pain and health issues, but survey finds too few Americans are concerned

    Orlando, Fla - The average American adult spends more than three and a half hours looking down at their smartphones every day. Looking down or

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  • icon-article-18-redPatients Benefit from Precision of New Radiation Treatment

    Even when you’re sitting or lying down, a lot of movement is happening inside your body. Just the act of breathing as the lungs expand and contract causes movement in the pancreas, stomach and kidneys. And a full stomach can push against your liver as digestion occurs.

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  • icon-article-18-redThe Link Between Caffeine Consumption & Miscarriage Risks

    If you’re considering starting or adding to your family, you already may know that quitting smoking, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and taking folic acid are some of the steps you can take to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

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