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Hospital Leadership


John A. Moore, FACHE, President
Paul Johns, Chief Operating Officer
Lance Sewell, Chief Financial Officer
Bonnie Onofre, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
Mahmoud Bakeer, MD, Chief Clinical Officer

Board of Directors

John Moore, FACHE, Chair
Amit Varma, MD, Vice Chair
Cary D’Ortona, Secretary/Treasurer
Mahmoud Bakeer, MD
Jeffrey Fitch, MD
Bonnie Onofre, RN

Medical Executives

Amit Varma, MD, Chief of Staff
Anthony Saranita, MD, Vice President
Kerry-Anne Machado, MD, Secretary/Treasurer
Jason Boardman, MD
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD
Lushantha Gunasekera, MD
Jeffrey Fitch, MD
Joseph Kerpsack, MD
Ninous Youssef, MD